Studio Tre D

The sophisticated production technique of the diamond effect sign

The processing of our products is always characterized by great care and attention to detail.

The architects asked us to produce an elaborate diamond-effect decorative sign, which was made possible by the 3D machining that the pantograph is able to do by processing an extremely complex production file that allows the machine to work at different heights.

Once the processing was completed, it was necessary to clean and polish, partly by hand and partly by machinery, the piece to give it the brilliant effect typical of diamonds.

To complete the work, the acrylic diamond was enclosed in a satin-finished brass box and was finished by reproducing the Chemical 915 finish on the letters, as desired by the architects.

Finally, two blue leather elements have been applied to simulate the watch straps, which are only for decorative purposes and not for support, as the sign has been fixed with the use of screws hidden behind the diamond.

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